“The Valleys” Proves the British Have Trashy Reality TV On Smash

MTV UK's new show takes TV to dizzying new lows.

It’s been proven time and time again by hit reality series after hit reality series — dysfunctional, delusional and damaged people make for compelling  American television. But while critics finger wag and SMH at Honey Boo Boo and Stevie J. the Brits are serving up trash TV that makes our stuff seem tame in comparison.

No matter what side of the reality TV “entertainment versus exploitation” debate you’re on  you’ve got to admit that MTV UK’s “The Valleys” is some next level shit. The show takes nine young people from the economically-depressed (and apparently just generally depressing) South Wales Valleys and moves them to a house in the big city of Cardiff where they seek fame, fortune and opportunity.

However, judging  by the first episode and season preview the cast finds hook ups, beat downs, and infamy — pretty standard fare for a “Jersey Shore” style show except in the UK you can curse, show T ‘n’ A, and basically broadcast people boning.

Check out these clips from the first episode and tell us what you think about what’s sure to be the UK’s next TV sensation.

Before you get to the flashed boobs, on-camera urination and seafood as photo shoot props, review our abbreviated glossary of terms you’ll need to know to understand the cast:

slag: a slut or loose woman

shag: to have sex

the piss: alcoholic beverages

twat: a jerk or undesirable person

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