The Treacherous Three: The Female Child Stars Owning Their “Grown Up” Image

We break down the three women on the scene owning their sexy new images. Can you guess who made the cut ?

The Treacherous Three Miley We Cant Stop

It seems that most, if not all, child Disney stars go a little crazy during their transition into adulthood. The “squeaky-clean” image they portray is often assumed to be their everyday demeanor when in actuality, most of these teen stars are just like any other junk food-eating, swearing, horny teenager. Except for the fact that they have 50 million people watching their every move.

More recently, a new crop of child stars turned sex symbols have emerged that have taken their new roles by the horns. We call them, “The Treacherous Three”…


The Treacherous Three Miley

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