The Supreme Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook Is For Everyone

We judge people by the clothes they wear and Supreme has made it super easy.

Modern times dictate that fashion is less about trends and more about tribes. Tribes? Yes, tribes. These days clothes aren’t just what you wear, they’re who you are, a reflection of your lifestyle – and all that millennial bullshit. But seriously, most people these days subscribe to a certain look and stick with it. Yeah, they update their clothes each season but mostly in the same uniform fashion. Your friend who’s been rocking that all black everything aesthetic won’t give up on it. Even in the baking heat of summer, black is broiled into his identity. Under the guise of tribes, you can wear the same shit season after season and still look fresh.

Love it or hate it, this season’s Supreme collection panders to the whims of one and all. And before you let loose and rant on Twitter about how wack and inauthentic Supreme has become, let’s shake it off and break it down. The collection as a cohesive entity wouldn’t do much for anyone – it’s too diverse – but when you look at the pieces individually, there’s something for, well, everyone.

The Givenchy Head

Supreme female warrior pullover

You know you’re friend who thinks he’s Kanye? Rocking the leather joggers and the Jordan’s. Well this shirt is for him. Part water color, part iconographic image on a black background. Looks kind of like every other shirt he owns – but it’s different (well that’s what he’ll tell you anyway).

The (Non) Poser

Supreme Plaid Coat

This guy is the psychical embodiment of #noposers but he still fucks with Supreme because they’ll always be an OG skate brand. The jacket looks good and is roomy for some serious SoHo shredding.

The Arteest

Supreme Picasso Shirt

This kid fucked with Picasso and Basquiat before Jay Z got on his art tip and started repping them in songs. He probably goes to SVA and doesn’t give a shit about Supreme.

The All Camo Everything Dude

Supreme Camo Vest

Camo isn’t going anywhere because of this guy. He’ll cop it season after season. Yup, you can blame him for the omnipresent “deep in the trenches” aesthetic.

The Hypebeast

Supreme gold jacket

Oh so shiny and Supremey. If it’s limited, gregarious, or expensive, this guy needs to have it. He’ll wait in the slush overnight to say he got there and got there first.

The “Lifer”

Supreme Riot t-shirt

This guy lives for Supreme. Supreme is his Mecca and the t-shirt his holy grail. He has the Comme Des Garcons collab, the kermit and the Kate Moss. The Riot rendition is a little less obvious but that’s okay. Anyone who should know, will know.

The Animal

Supreme Dalmatian Jacket

This dude wears onesies more than one should. Halloween or Hanukkah, it doesn’t matter; he’s decked out in an animal get-up, you know, just because. This jacket provides a more outside appropriate alternative – but he secretly misses his tail.

The Dude

Supreme Pink Panther Sweatshirt

Do do. Do do. Do do, do do, do do, do do, dodoooo. Do do do do. This is a great peacocking piece and this guy knows it. Convo starter. Check. Funny joke. Check. Clothes coming off. Check.

The Monochrome Man

Supreme Playboy Jacket

This guy wears black and white. And black and white. And this is black and white.

The Girl

Supreme Red Bomber Jacket

Buy this and your girlfriend/sister/mother will borrow it. She won’t give it back.

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