The Stuyvesants drop new project “Refined”

Brooklyn production duo, The Stuyvesants drop an all new 25-track 70s' inspired instrumental project entitled, "Refined."


Brooklyn-based producers “The Stuyvesants” bring about black elegance with their latest project, Refined.  The duo, made up of producer Allan Cole (Algorythm), and record collector Darien Victor Birks (Flwrpt) attribute their sultry sound to the 70’s era, which in fact inspired the 25-track compilation.

The fun thing about Refined is that each track has it’s own individual cover art, which features visuals of 70s’ black style and culture.

Some interesting tracks to pay attention to?

“Portlyn” – The song gives off a very “intro to a mob movie” sort of feel, as if it were the forgotten montage track to a flossy scene in American Gangster. Whatever you envision, it must be coated with an unbelievable amount of swagger.

“Dapper”-  This track takes cruising music to a whole other level. A multidimensional level. The track flows smoothly and omits a galactic feel throughout it’s choppy guitar makeup.

“Marcy Projects Basement Jam”- The title itself warrants an eyebrow raise of curiosity. Even if you’ve never been in a 20-foot radius of a “Marcy Projects Basement Jam”, if  you close your eyes you can almost imagine a young Hov trying to get his mack on with shawty from apt 3D.

Download The Stuyvesants new project “Refined”  here.

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