Video Print: The Skins

We catch up with teenage rock band and Bed-Stuy residents, The Skins. The band is making a name for themselves by mixing elements of soul, rock and roll, blues, and hip hop.

On this episode of Video Print, we caught up with teenage rock band, and Bed-Stuy residents, The Skins. Don’t get too caught up in the fact that all the members are nineteen or younger, because we promise you, The Skins will make your mom and dad’s favorite hair-metal band look softer then Simon and Garfunkel.

By mixing elements of soul, rock and roll, blues, and hip hop, the five piece band is in the process of creating their own universal sound for a younger generation that is desperately in need of it. Take the pace and style of Led Zeppelin, a pinch of vocals from Amy Winehouse, one thrashing guitar solo after another and voila, you have The Skins.

Check out the video above to learn about how the band met, what it’s like growing up in New York City, their musical influences, and more. Definitely keep them on your radar — were sure they’ll be making some big waves in the near future.

By the way, if you have the chance to catch them live, DO IT! They have a “Mercy” cover that sounds like Robert Plant and Kanye West morphed into one being. Who can hate on that?!

The Skins Interview Brooklyn

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