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The Skatorialist’s Style Runs The Streets

The Skatorialist’s Style Runs The Streets

Looking like a skater will get you attention whether or not you skate. Ask your favorite rapper. Now that attention has focused on giving skateboarders their own lane to be profiled for their sense of style on The Skatorialist, a new blog photographing them like The Satorialist documents high fashion on the street. The photographer, Sam Ashley has his roots in shooting riders for the UK’s Palace Skateboards blog (PWBC – Palace Wayward Boys Choir). Of all the guys appearing on the The Skatorialist since its inception this year, Lucien Clarke of the Palace skate team is probably the most famous. He appeared in GQ recently in a fashion spread with the rest of his homies, flanked by fully nude models. Palace has been making waves in America since we caught wind of them at the start of 2012. They’re still blowing up, while Lucien is releasing his delf on video, in ads for Altamont Europe, and on The Skatorialist. Word to Blue Raspberry.


Lucien Clarke Palace Skateboards

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