Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Is A Classic

Mass Appeal's hands-on preview of the new Samsung smartphone. Watch your step Apple.

The Galaxy series of phones by Samsung have catapulted the South Korea based phone giant to great heights. To date, the Nexus, S2, and Galaxy Note, have sold an estimated 61 million phones worldwide, enough to give a pause to rival competitor Apple, and create a legal battle in court over alleged copyright infringement.

This week, the newest member of the Galaxy family, the Galaxy S3, made its North American debut at Skylight Studios in SoHo, complete with bells, whistles, lobster rolls, Ashley Green basketball legends Bill Walton, Walt Frazier and new jacks Kevin Love, Steve Nash and Kevin Curry. Skrillex and paid out the ass DJ Dan Ingrossio also made an appearance at the launch.

The Galaxy S3 is impressive to look at and to hold. It feels light, looks pretty, and can take cool pictures with its 8 megapixel camera which comes with an impressive feature called Shutter Burst. With this feature turned on, aspiring Instagrammers can take up 20 photos with a single press of the trigger. We tried it out at one of the display areas at Skylight and at home and it worked! There’s also a Best Shot feature which, if you’re too lazy, will choose the best image for you from the 20 you just shot.

Sharing is a big deal on the S3. Wanna share a photo or a file, just bump it with another S3 or S Beam it. You can also access content on multiple devices with AllShare Play and broadcast messages via Samsung’s GroupCast app. We tested this feature while waiting on our lobster roll.

The AMOLED screen on this thing is big at 4.8 inches; and has a speedy response time. Starting up the S3 is fast, too. Some reviewers have complained about being unable to see the screen in the sun but we didn’t have that problem when we tested it outside in bright and shiny 97 degree NYC heat, reading our Twitter feed with ease at 11:45 AM on Jefferson Ave in Bed-Stuy.

The weight of the phone may take some getting used to if you’re used to dragging around tanks in your nut hugging skinny True Religion jeans. It’s very light and thin and didn’t feel as cheap as we’d imagine.

Battery time is OK. We charged it overnight and have only used it to upload pictures, surf the web and make phone calls. Its at 30% now. Maybe the LED indicator is burning fuel?

Our favorite features of the phone are its PS3 capability and the HDMI out, which will allow you to connect to state of the art TVs so you can watch porn and/or play Temple Run on a large screen. You have to buy an HDTV Smart Adapter to make that magic happen, however. It will cost ya about $40.00.

Long story short, the S3 is a very, very, very cool and powerful phone with great features and capabilities, dual quad processor aside. We didn’t try the Voice capabilities because we’re hands on with our steez.

Bill Walton, Walt Frazier and Kevin Love are pictured below with the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone

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