Housing Complex Project Brick Building

The Red Bull Daily Note x Mass Appeal “Top 5 Projects That Produced Rappers”

Mass Appeal schooled The Red Bull Music Academy on some of New York City's most famous hip hop housing projects.


The 2013 Red Bull Music Academy’s massive takeover of New York City has without a doubt put The Big Apple on multiple center stages regarding its renowned music culture. One of the ways that the music academy has broadcasted all of the major stories and history that’s come into and out of the city is via their Daily Note newspaper–a 22-issue print project that includes all sorts of articles regarding musicians, scenes, and notable happenings. Included in the daily paper is a “Top 5” list from various New York City-based institutions.  Of course Mass Appeal had to get in on the action so we decided to keep it real grassroots (borderline OG street) and present them with our “Top 5 Projects That Produced Rappers”.

Download Issue 15 of The Daily Note (New York Edition)  to check out the list along with the cover story regarding the history of the hip hop mixtape.

Fans of the list should also check out the original Mass Appeal Walking On Pins: New York City Housing Complexes post that inspired us for The Red Bull Music Academy.



Housing Complex Project Brick Building

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