Actavis off the market

The Purple Blues: Actavis Pulls “Lean” Off the Market

It's so hard to see through these purple tears.

Fans of that purple stuff may have to put down their double cups and find something else to pour up.

A representative for Actavis – the global pharmaceutical company that manufactures a popular variety of promethanize codeine cough syrup – reached out to TMZ with the news that the company would be halting production of their well-known product stating:

Given recent media attention, Actavis has made the bold and unprecedented decision to cease all production and sales of its Promethazine Codeine product …. This attention has glamorized the unlawful and dangerous use of the product, which is contrary to its approved indication.

While we beg to differ that the media’s attention to the adverse affects of abusing cough syrup is “recent,” we will agree that move by Actavis is definitely an unprecedented one. Can you imagine a tobacco company pulling a product off the market over bad press? Nah, $on. The big homie tobacco don’t play that.

For all you rappers out there broken up about the loss of your beloved lean, take a listen to the homie Bill Withers and dry your purple tears. Besides, there are plenty of other brands out there that can help you get your fix. However, the forthcoming shortage of Actavis raises some questions. Will Sprite sales go down? Will Juicy J still be trippy, mayne? What will Yung Lean change his name to? What will Future rap about?

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when the smoke clears.

Actavis off the market

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  • Steven Bryant

    The company will pull the product for a few years, reformulate it and rebrand to charge a higher price for the same shit. They the same shit with OxyContin.