The “Polar Vortex” Of Increased Graffiti Activity

Grab your gloves, lace your boots, and shake your cans.

Given the exponential increase of wall scrawls over the past week in SoHo – where the Mass Appeal office resides – it’s pretty fair to infer the following: a certain set of New York City dwellers known as “writers” for short, are indeed taking advantage of the plummeting temperatures and snowstorms to run amok in the streets.

Wooden Board SoHo Graffiti

While the average New Yawker dreadfully piles on their layers, laces up their boots, and clutches onto their warmest of winter accessories in hopes of braving the trending “polar vortex,” writers are on a more opportunistic agenda to get their names over any visible surface that they can get their vandal paws on. Why, just the other night, during the brutal Northeaster that hit the city, social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram were lit up with all kinds of incriminating content from writers, who, up until this tech-savvy generation, have historically been known (and for their own benefit) to keep their activities discreet. That’s right, the bad weather, the suspended parking rules, and all of the general shut-down mayhem that it causes in the Big Apple, turns into something like an Olympic sport for some – a graffiti-off of how much you can rack in a marathon night of spraying.

Spring Street SoHo Graffiti

But don’t get it twisted, there’s still the age-old “New Jack” Vs “OG” scuffle/debate with this trend of sorts. While more happy-go-lucky and seasoned collectives like the PETERPANPOSSE (known for their notorious “PPP”) may nonchalantly get their bomb on, I do occasionally catch other veterans ragging on the newbies. Because let’s be honest, when the snow falls heavy, all bets are off, no one’s out, and the coast is very clear! Point being, it’s much easier to flex and conquer, even for the wet behind the ear. Sorry New Jacks, you ain’t getting over on anyone with a SoHo trail.

Peter Pan Posse Corner Blast Graffiti

As for all of the storefronts, hipster coffee shops, and really, really expensive buildings hit during this untimely “polar vortex,” sorry bros, graffiti – toy fills or OG ones – is unfortunately here to stay and proliferate just a wee bit more during the months of hot mocha lattes and Armani scarves. Time to shell out that brick steam blast money!

Armani Store SoHo Graffiti

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  • Meh…

    meh… thats pretty much just one crew, PPP, who comfortably sleeps in lower manhattan.

  • Mishka

    It’s a shame they weren’t putting up actual street art instead of these ugly egoic tags.

  • freshpaintnyc

    What planet do you live on? All these writers that are getting up are NY Born and Raised keeping the streets alive keeping NY going on decades… what NY is supposed to be… You’re saying you’d rather see cute little art school crap by new jacks that don’t know anything about the history? Tags and Throw Ups will already reign superior to all the cute and funny art stuff that is here one day then gone tommorrow.

  • freshpaintnyc

    Who wrote this article?

  • freshpaintnyc

    Calling some of these writers in these flicks “Newbies” ? MASS APPEAL!! who are you letting write this crap?