The Phantom of the Dipset: Killa Cam’s Capes


Capes are associated with people from many walks of life, and though rappers often make bold fashion statements, they’re not the first to come to mind here. So when Dipset’s head honcho Cam’ron linked with designer and style guru Mark McNairy to produce an exclusive line of capes, the general thought amongst hip hop heads and fashion junkies alike was to collective confusion.

This is not the first time that Cam has gone out on a fashion limb. Let us not forget that at the pinnacle of Dipset’s relevance Killa flipped the script by sporting all-pink everything, a stark contrast to his crew’s gritty rap lines.


As we are in the midst of fashion week, Cam took to the Mark McNairy show to showcase his cape collection on the runway. Of the designs made for Killa himself, the materials employed are of notable quality. Some genuine pimp shit including iterations that feature tweed/faux fur lining, flannel/satin lining, camo/mesh combination and a black wool/quilted lined cape. The only thing to me that detracts from the look is the “Dipset” in signature ESPN font, screen printed on the exterior of these joints. He should’ve kept it classic with the signature Diplomats font or used that Dipset logo. But to each his own.

Now I’m not one to criticize, in fact I champion personal style. We all take risks that we later regret. But if Cam’s past endeavors indicate anything, it’s that his influence spans from the streets of Harlem World to the fashion houses.

Before you brush off Cam’s latest accessory choice, think of all the icons that donned capes. There are superheroes like Batman and Superman, while villains like Darth Vader and Magneto cloak it out in style. But if Cam wants to take it to the next level with this trend, he would don it like Dr. Doom. The notorious Fantastic Four villain’s cape was held together not by sheer snap buttons, but by two gold medallions linked by a gaudy gold chain. That’s next level villainy.


There are many approaches to swagging out the capote look. One can tap the classic vampire steez a la Dracula, but I prefer the Count von Count version, complete with the monocle. Monocles, now that would really fuck the game up! Who wouldn’t mind a track on Cam’s next project teaching kiddies how to count… bricks and stacks of greenbacks.

And if you’re crying “sus” on the cape, many a superstar musician donned cloaks while raking in tons of tail. Icons like James Brown, Prince and the “King of Rock ‘N Roll” Elvis Presley. Sure, Prince is semi-sus for his androgynous choice of style, but you can’t even touch Elvis. Cam is known to be a hound dog himself, and it’s not like he’s being rejected for being found cloaked out in public. On the contrary, take a look at his Instagram and you will see ladies lining up to get down. I go hard in the mothafuckin’ cape!

It’s Killa Cape Season and Cam vies #CapeNowHateLater. I imagine Cam’ron will be tapping caped icons when he hits the booth, spitting something along the lines of “Caped up like Darth Vader cause I fathered your style,” or “Off the plane from Africa Killa’s the new Mayor of Cape Town.” I’m just waiting on this du-rag/cape hybrid and I’ll call it a day.

Yo! Adrian was Robin for Halloween one year so yeah…he can relate.
Twitter: @_YOADRIAN

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  • bboycult

    Haha…this shit is WILD CORNY and everyone knows it but won’t say it…cause everyone wants to see how many emperors w/no clothes; ( just capes ) on, there ACTUALLY are out there in this world of idiots. ……Carry on fuckers.

  • Cary Waldron

    Ha, Nicely Written

  • Man Cam said he would do it. The capes is kinda ill