Kanye West Paris Paparazzi Curious Lady

The Only Woman In The World Who Doesn’t Know Who Kanye West Is

Holy shit. This French lady doesn't know who Yeezus is. May God have Lamborghini Mercy on her soul.

This just in, new evidence has come out that supports the wild theory that the world does not orbit around Kanye West.

Over the weekend in Paris an unassuming  woman happened upon the rare sight of West being jovial with the paparazzi.

West, who is known for his disdain towards photogs, was all smiles while explaining that he has the highest respect for the Parisian press for not being as aggressive as
their LA counterparts.

The woman apparently confused as to what monumental event was taking place, politely asked the paparazzo who Kanye West was was. Horrified and visibly shaken, West, meekly introduced himself and hurried away. The look on his face was priceless. Earth 1, Yeezus 0.

Kanye West Paris Paparazzi Curious Lady

Kanye West Paris Paparazzi Question Face

Kanye West Paris Paparazzi Curious Lady

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  • Keith Ceasar

    LMAO, Gold

  • Gary


  • non

    Earth 1, Yeezus 0. !!! ha…. but i think he was being respectful she was a older lady not being meek.

  • Milkymee

    Honestly i wouldn t recognize him either, even though I know his name. Here in Paris we actually – sometimes – find ourselves outside the bubble of the american supremacy. And that feels good.

  • hurl

    whats that shirt tho

  • EricCartman

    A gay fish, that’s what he is…

  • Aiste

    I’m European and I’ve traveled a lot. I know for a fact that in Europe most people over 35 wouldn’t know who he is.

  • Manuel Valera

    Seriously? The only woman in the world who doesn’t know who is Kanye West? Is America that sensasionalistic? Am I going to get a fucking college degree or friends by knowing who is that dumbass? Come on….

  • Alex

    so I guess she found out but what about us?

  • Marlon

    A lot of americanas still believe the world is only USA, no one really cares about him!

  • Ray

    I understand how as a Parisian man/woman you “-sometimes- find yourselves outside of the the bubble of American supremacy. And that feels good.” You should know that as an American living in NYC that I also find the attitude of American supremacy hard to except and find it quite distasteful. However, having said that, I would still rather listen ad nauseam to some pompous blow hard ass like Bloomberg or Donald Trump rant on and on about how New York City is the greatest city in world to sitting for one moment of my time in some smoke laden french bistro in Paris and be subjected to some jealous, snotty little anti-American prick waiter who actually expects to get a tip after treating me like shit. My favorite thing about the Parisian’s however is how when I attempt to speak french to them with my know doubt “horrible french accent” instead of responding kindly to me in French and trying to help me improve my french speaking skill they switch to English with greatest of impatience and speak to me with a terrible English accent that is even “worse” than my french accent.
    I used to think that french was the most beautiful language in the world. But of course that was before I actually met anyone that was french. Now whenever I hear french spoken here in NYC I literally get sick to my stomach and walk away.

  • Stefan

    And who is that guy that shakes hands with my neighbour Isabelle Dupont? And why is he blocking the road with his big fat and ugly car?

  • Grendel

    All she needs to know is that he sucks…

  • this website is trash

    who the fuck is kanye west?

  • whoa

    I don’t get the hate on Kanye?

    He’s arguably the best musician of all genres working today.. and nobody seems to respect that. And then he politely introduced himself to the woman and left… what the fuck do you want him to do?!

  • Milkymee

    Sorry about that Ray. Have a good day anyway.

  • Ham

    jesus ray, youre not actually kanye west are you??

  • Ad Pitres

    I don’t know which one is more annoying: the french that expresses himself as if Paris was the only place in France where we can live “outside the bubble of blablabla” (whereas this is the most americanized place in the country), or the american that lumps all french people together just because he met two or three parisian jerks.

  • inyourface

    How funny would it be if ‘whoa’ was actually Kanye West. But we all know that’s impossible since Kanye West lives underwater being gay to other fish.

  • whoa

    Hey bud, go back and listen to your Matchbox 20.

    And no, I’m not Kanye, but I do however have a great respect for talented artists and Kanye is without a doubt one of the top musicians working today. Try and learn about something before you speak. Thank you kindly.

  • Keith Ceasar

    um yes and yes you twit, it was a good start to a piece and captured attention just the way it was supposed to of course everyone wouldn’t know who kayne is(of course ur most likely tone deaf too…), what you would get – the chance to surround urself with likeminded open minded individuals…. come on….(LOL)

  • Keith Ceasar


  • Keith Ceasar

    meek= patiently waiting hmm almost sounds like humility to me….

  • Sam

    some of you are too hard on the guy. he’s a creative individual. respect

  • sunfaith

    Hi all,

    I am not a big fan of Kanye West and his last interview was just ridiculous

    But you should read what happen after:
    The journalist looked for that women and had an interview during the week end
    Her husband was there.
    When she came back from meeting Kanye West, they looked on internet who he was, and started listening to some of his songs.

    As you can see she does not look like the kind of person who listen Hip Hop music

    However, both of them spent the whole week end, night and day, to read everything about him and listen to his songs.

    They said he is the Mozart of hip hop (!), they fell in love with the artist, his music, and they became huge fan!

    It is amazing to see how his music inspire people who had absolutely no idea who he was.

  • D.j. West

    If South Park stopped making that joke, maybe you should too, Assfleck.

  • Mister FEC

    Dear Sunfaith,

    you quite didn’t get it.

    The woman and her husband were being ironical, claiming to have become huge fan of West and calling him Mozart was just a practical joke for a tv show called Le Petit Journal, where the whole footage was presented. (You can check it out on the web.)

    They found this lady – who btw, is definitely not the only one person in the world who does not know who is Kanye West, i could pick at least 20 people in my surrounding who never heard of him – and made her act like she and her husband were amazed by the newly found hip-hop star. It was all in all merely sarcastic and somehow welcome.

    Because now, for those who might read my comment, whether you like or not Kanye West, do not loose common sense and fall for this whole media circus surrounding fame and fortune in which he’s committing himself permanently amongst many others. Let’s cool down a bit, considering the fact they simply entertain, do not save lives or fight for human rights on a regular base…

    Also, 300 years from now, Mozart will still be considered a genius, while all the actual super pop-stars hopefully remembered and most certainly replaced by new ones. Therefore, it requires just the slight and right amount of humbleness to reach perfect stardom and respectability.

    Best regards,