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The Onion Satires The Current State of Hip-Hop

The Onion Satires The Current State of Hip-Hop

The satire mavens over at The Onion have, for better or worse, decided to delve into the touchy subject of Hip-Hop and its current state of affairs. Who else but those son-of-a-guns (besides us, of course) would even bother sifting through the sterilized “caca” that most corporate channels pump? So I’m not even mad, in fact, I’m actually impressed.

There’s a full minute-and-a-half interview with a hilarious, but ultimately honest, Hip-Hop “worrier” named Robert Davis, that breaks down fact after fact about Hip-Hop’s relevancy in comparison to yesteryears (the dude says that cats like Jay-Z are on autopilot). Damn it. Is this what it’s come to? More truth about Hip-Hop culture available via satire than actual channels responsible for championing and defending the music? *Crickets* Guess so…

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