New York Mets Jeremy Lin Nasty Nas Mr. Met

The NY Mets Fantasy Draft Picks

Six power moves that could put New York’s orange-headed step kids back in the pennant race.

The smoke and confetti from Rex Ryan’s no-ringed circus is finally behind us because baseball season kicked off yesterday. A 1-0 win over the Braves on opening day is just what New Yorkers needed to turn around the controversy of the off-season. The Madoff scandal, the exit of Jose Reyes, and the loss of ’86 legend Gary Carter, had us worried for how we’d fare this month. But listen, maybe we can take a page from that smoldering Meadowlands mess, lock down some big names and still have a fighting chance at this year’s World Series. You reading this, Freddie Wilpon? We’re never gonna survive unless you get a little crazier. Things are looking up, but they can only get better with a few tweaks to the roster. Check out our picks and tell us what you think. Meanwhile, we’ve juiced up this story with a link to our shop which features our new Mets-inspired T-shirt, designed by Greg Lamarche. Let the games begin!

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New York Mets Jeremy Lin Nasty Nas Mr. Met

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