The Minds Behind the Lucid FC x Superrradical Collaboration

We chop it up with the DeHart Twins and Tyler Grosso, a few southern young bloods on their come up in the fashion scene who recently collaborated for a pop up shop at The Good Company.

A gang of southern gentlemen recently popped up in New York for a collaborative effort hosted by The Good Company. Hailing from Atlanta, Betts and Chet DeHart are the twin heads behind Lucid FC, a fairly new startup that has garnered attention on their home front and across Internet waves.

On the strength of an online encounter with A$AP Yams, Tyler Grosso packed up all his belongings and headed to the Big Apple, where he now serves as a graphic designer for the A$AP Mob and heads his own clothing company, Superrradical. The three met via Instagram and have been friends since. They put their young minds together to produce a rare collaborative collection.

Grosso, 19, and the DeHart twins, 17, will be names to be remembered as the seasons pass. Although Superrradical and Lucid FC are still in their toddler stages, these youngbloods have something to prove, the South is here.

Mass Appeal: Let’s start off with your backgrounds.

DeHart Twins: We’re from Atlanta, Georgia born and raised. We started making sneaker reviews on YouTube. Before that we were going to sneaker trade shows. Then slowly, clothes got integrated, which comes along with the sneaker culture. By the time we were 13 we decided to make our own shoes and clothes.

Tyler Grosso: I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. I started making clothes in 2009 after my graphic design teacher told me take my stuff and put it on clothes. I started my first clothing brand in 2011 called Botch. I didn’t like the name so I changed it to Trapjaw. Didn’t like that name, and now it’s Superrradical. But Superrradical is brand new. I wouldn’t consider the previous brands as past seasons.

MA: So when was did you drop the first collection for Lucid?

DT: The first full collection was actually this summer. But we had a lot of samples, we’ve had shoe samples since 2010. We sold some shoes back in late 2012. Lucid Footwear was the original name of the brand, but if you name it footwear then people aren’t gonna really buy your clothes. So we changed it to Lucid footwear and clothing, or Lucid FC for short.

Photo of the Minds Behind the Superrradical x Lucid FC Collaboration, Tyler Grosso and Chet DeHart outside of The Good Company.

MA: How did you end up in New York, Tyler?

TG: I made one long sleeve shirt with R. Kelly on it and I sent it to A$AP Yams. I got on my Facebook and he found me somehow. Yams hit me up telling me he needed an assistant and asked if I could move to New York. I moved the next week. This was in June, so I sold everything in my room at the time. I drove up here with $200 in my pocket.

A$AP Yams made ana appearance at the Superrradical x Lucid FC Collaboration pop up shop hosted by the Good Company.

MA: What’s it like being A$AP Yams’ assistant?

TG: It’s been really cool, but it’s also been a struggle. I’ve been hustling like a motherfucker to try and live. I’ve had to do some bad things to get money. Last November I waited five hours in the cold to see A$AP Rocky to be front row. Now I’ll be going on tour with him, it’s wild.

MA: How’d you guys make this pop up happen at The Good Company?

DT: Tyler put us on.

TG: We were eating in their kitchen, and I was just like, “Yo let’s have a pop up.” They wanted to do it in January but I wasn’t trying to wait that long.

DT: Our parents didn’t even want us to do this. They didn’t want us to miss school and graduate late. But we’re homeschooled now, somewhat.

Photo of the Superrradical x Lucid FC Collaboration Collection.

MA: What is the inspiration behind the collaboration?

DT: The Dirty South, we wanted to bring some southern heritage influenced by rap to the north. A lot of streetwear relates back to hip hop somewhere down the line. We listened to Future, Gucci Mane, and Young Scooter for inspiration. We went way back to like, Bankhead.

Also, there’s a movie called “Snow on Tha Bluff” that takes place in Atlanta. This guy films himself robbing a bunch of people, shoots people, buying and cooking drugs. He robbed a bunch of white people and stole their camera. Then he filmed it like a documentary about himself, it shines light on the sinister side of the South unknown to most and it served as the main inspiration behind this collection.

MA: Let’s talk about the concept of ‘trapping off the MacBook.’

TG: We are literally trapping off the MacBook 24/7. These past few months I’ve been homeless and poor at some point. So I’ve been literally trapping. I’ve had to sell like lean and other things off the Internet.

DT: We sell anything that we can get our hands on. We used to steal Sidekicks and sell them on eBay all the time, now that just translates into Lucid and the trapping mentality.

Photo of The Minds Behind the Superrradical x Lucid FC Collaboration, Betts and Chet DeHart Twins.

MA: How would you describe your relationship with each other?

TG: I’m their spirit guide. I try to guide them on the right path, and give them the street side of business

DT: He’s our mentor. He indirectly taught us everything we haven’t learned in any of our business classes. We don’t want Lucid to be as unorthodox as Superrradical is but we can still incorporate the DNA of Tyler’s brand into the vision of Lucid FC.

MA: Any haters from the exposure you guys receive?

TG: Just brands sneak dissing and talking shit. People are mad because I just dropped my first line three weeks ago, they just dropped theirs a few months ago. We’re coming up so fast and people are mad we have all these co-signs. Kids are talking shit because the ATL Twins and Ian Connor are in my lookbook, those are just really good friends of mine who wanted to be in it themselves.

MA: What can we expect from Superrradical and Lucid FC in the future?

DT: We will be coming to New York for college. We want to do stuff where we’re always filming, our camera man Tyler has actually been shooting a documentary about us for the past few years. By the time we graduate college we hope to be carried in all big boutiques across the country, and then hopefully open our flagship store within 6 years.

TG: I have another drop coming on my birthday, which will be my winter collection. That will be the last drop for 2013. I’ll be pushing designs for A$AP, I’m doing design for their merch and a few upcoming collabs. Ultimately I want to be a director, make movies. But we’ll see.

Photo of The Minds Behind the Superrradical x Lucid FC Collaboration, Tyler Grosso and the DeHart Twins.

Shout out to Tyler Mitchell for all the photos!

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