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The LOX “Too Hot”

The LOX “Too Hot”


The LOX are a tight-knit crew, similar to a wolf pack. So naturally, they party hard and deal with the consequences later. Take their new video for instance: the trio are so hyped to be reunited that they don’t notice their champagne has been spiked. When they wake up 12 hours later, Styles P is missing, Jadakiss is looking all Tyson-like, and Sheek Louch is sans a front tooth.

The track, “Too Hot,” dropped earlier today, and samples a Kanye line off “New God Flow.” We’re almost in September and it’s still 80 degrees out. Hot for sure. But with some new L-O-X to cap things off, you might as well declare it a squelcher. Hopefully this track and video are a sign of my LOX music to come.

Lox too hot music video

jadakiss face tattoo in too hot music video

  • MP the GOD

    this video is terrible

  • bboycult

    I’m terrible too…because I love everysinglefuckingthing about this here jawn!

  • bigsteve

    am i the only one weirded out by jadakiss not being bald anymore? its more distracting than the tyson tattoo

  • authenticKO

    anyone hating on the lox is wild buggin and need to kill themselves. it’s always fire from them niggas. get real yo.