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The Legacy of Left Eye

The Legacy of Left Eye


Today is the 10-year anniversary of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Left Eye died in a car crash in La Ceiba, Honduras on April 25, 2002 while filming a documentary. She was one third of super girl group TLC, known for bangers like ”Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg”, “No Scrubs” and “Waterfalls”. In the rather compelling documentary Last Days of Left Eye Cameras were rolling inside of the Mitsubishi Montero Sport in which the songstress to lost her life. It’s a rather intense moment in the film, knowing what soon follows.

“The word anniversary means a celebration,” TLC member T-boz says in a statement. “For us, her death will never be a celebration — it’s still something that hurts.” Chilli and T-boz are working on a Biopic on a the rise of TLC with VH1.

Bootleg of The Dayton Family released a song titled “Fantasies”, a lost gem that features Lopes herself. While you can feel the distance from the era in which this song was recorded, it’s still cool to hear new Left Eye.

May 27th would have marked Left Eye’s 41st year on Earth. Today, she may be physically out of this world, but her musical legacy lives on.