The Hundreds Pays Homage to Michael Brown of True SF

Los Angeles-based streetwear label The Hundreds takes some time out to interview Michael Brown of True SF, one of the pioneer streetwear brands and shops that helped them get their start.

More than a decade deep into their own iconic enterprise, Los Angeles-based The Hundreds takes some time out to dig into the anthropology of Hip-Hop and streetwear by paying homage to one of the pioneers that helped them grow. Meet Michael Brown, founder of True SF, one of the first shops to ever carry The Hundreds. His interview describes how Hip-Hop was a major influence in his introduction to the threads that he has designed and championed since day one. He also goes on to mention how The Hundred’s “Hip-Hop Is Dead” tee was one of the first graphics to really capture his attention for the then-young brand. Brown’s shop continues to open its door and provide fans with the latest in streetwear goods to this day. Respect!








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