The History Of Apple Pie Jamais Vu

The History of Apple Pie “Jamais Vu”

Always heard.

Riding off their popular single “Don’t You Want To Be Mine?” and the more recent “Tame,” London’s The History Of Apple Pie returns with their new single “Jamais Vu,” from their second album, Feel Something, out soon.

The new track appears on their upcoming second album, Feel Something, and is a melange of genres, much like their previous tracks. The History Of Apple Pie taps into shoegaze, indie rock, and noisepop influences to create a sound that could appeal to fans of any of those genres. The title of the song, “Jamais Vu,” actually describes their sound very well, as it references the psychological phenomenon of recognizing something that still feels very unfamiliar.

Check out the track below.

The History Of Apple Pie Jamais Vu

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