The Harold Hunter Foundation Skate Camp Fund

Watch the legacy of the late Harold Hunter continue to blossom as his raises money to send 20 underserved skateboard youth to Camp Woodward.

It’s real hard to hold back the tears on this one, even for a certified Rat Lord. Truth is, the late New York City skateboarding legend, forever immortalized as Harold Hunter, whether he knew it or not, really, truly, genuinely, and absolutely solidified the New York City street skateboarding charm that continues pave roads for East Coast skateboarding to this day. Say what you will about the Big Apple, it’s grade of rippers, how they won’t always compare to California’s, how maybe they don’t necessarily all skate pools or whatever, but I’ll be damned if a whole lot of them don’t have the heart or charm. And hell, even with that, few and far between are ones that can match up to the amount that Harold Hunter possessed. Ask anyone that knew him, or even just briefly interacted with him, they’ll all tell you the same. The brother was memorable. And even to this day, more than seven years after his untimely passing, Mr. Hunter’s legacy of connecting with his city and the people that he came across, continues to live on through the Harold Hunter Foundation.

Watch as the organization gathers up 20 inner city skaters and sends them off to Pennsylvania’s Woodward Skateboard Camp, an opportunity that Harold himself benefited from during his time around. Guest appearances from Shut pro rider, Luis Tolentino, and Team ICECREAM’s, Andre Beverley, help drive the point home even further, by showcasing how skateboarding is an outlet that underserved youth like themselves have taken on and used to hone in on bigger opportunities.

As of now, the foundation has more than exceeded it’s $10K fundraising goal, but supporters can still donate (and snag some special reward incentives) to the HHF 2013 Skate Camp Scholarship Fund until 4PM EST today. Legends Never Die.

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