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The Good Company x Henry Gunderson “Slicer” Cruiser Board and Pizza Party

The Good Company x Henry Gunderson “Slicer” Cruiser Board and Pizza Party

The holy union of pizza and skateboarding coming together under one roof for a legitimate event can only mean two things. One, you’ve reached the earthly manifestation of Buddha’s nirvana. Or two (and probably more than a thousand reincarnations more likely), The Good Company has a special skateboard deck collaboration with California-based artist Henry Gunderson dropping.

Pizza Skateboard Deck Cruiser Tank Top Skater Hat

Presenting The Slicer cruiser board–a unique, pepperoni-heavy slice of a skateboard deck. It flips, it dips, but most importanly, it f*cking skates! But, don’t believe me, just check out the gnarly footage of Henry Gunderson himself taking the kooky board out for cruise in San Francisco. VHS quality aside, the sh*t’s funky as hell. And like I mentioned earlier, anything that marries cheese and dough (and a nod to Tommy Guerrero’s part in The Searching for Animal Chin) is okay in this Rat’s book.Skateboard Deck Pepperoni Pizza

Skateboard Pizza Dolphin Statue Greet Ground Street

Oh, and if you really like pizza and possibly want to cop one of these bad boys then perhaps you should make it out to this Saturday’s pizza party over at The Good Company’s New York City store on Allen Street. Tell ‘em we sent dat azz!

Slicer Flyer Pizza Dolphins Promo

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