The Ghost of Rodney King

The Ghost of Rodney King –by Sacha Jenkins SHR

You Killed Rodney back in ’92, LAPD. And the media thereafter has been promoting the Ghost of Rodney King.

The Ghost of Rodney King

Rodney King died the day those dirty cops beat the pulp out of him on camera, under the cover of darkness. Black people got real mad about the beating he took and they collectively took their rage to the streets and burned down and looted establishments that they didn’t own but were integral to the bustle of their communities nonetheless.

Rodney King was beaten like a slave, like three-fifths of a man or like a wild hog on a plantation on crack. You Killed Rodney back in ’92, LAPD. And the media thereafter has been promoting the Ghost of Rodney King.

The Ghost of Rodney King had a drinking and drugging problem, and your boy Dr. Drew put that ghost on TV for all to see. On blast like Ta Dow. That ghost didn’t get the same shine that Hologram Tupac got—Rodney King wasn’t cool like that. Human Rodney king had a drinking and drugging problem too, and it was those agents that made his death at the hands of those pigs in LA go down a bit easier.

It isn’t difficult to talk greasy about the LAPD as a black man. Shit, white people have talked greasy about them too, most notably Black Flag via that joint “Police Story” off Damaged. Punk rockers used to get their skulls whacked open like coconuts in Kingston. “They hate us/we hate them—we can’t win!” is the refrain that Henry Rollins spews atop Robo’s skins abuse and Greg Ginn’s sore throat guitar assault. But Robo was latino and there were two other latinos in that band and a woman named Kira on bass. ‘Nuff respect to Black Flag for being progressive and for sticking it to the MAN.

“They hate us/we hate them—we can’t win! No way…” That sums up how many of us feel about the Police.

I don’t think that all police officers are bad. My philosophy is, I’ll call you when and if I need you, officer. But I typically don’t need you so stay 200 feet away from me. Stay away from me, police officer. Cops make my heart pump. They’ve gone out of their way to fuck with me for no reason over the years, many of these officers being several years younger than me. Son, you were nobody in your ‘hood and you got chumped and now that you’ve got a badge you wanna flex like you’re a funkmaster.

Get the funk outta here, son.

Respect: it’s a word that some police officers aren’t familiar with and it doesn’t boil down to race. Yes, officers of color have their own issues within the system but these coppers are within the matrix nonetheless and there is a shrouded, dusty culture that becomes an integral part of all of their lives.

To be fair, I don’t think cops are all bad. I just think that the police system is bad. Some people get shook when they see Bloods and Crips on the streets, but I get shook when I see them boys in blue. The cops are a serious gang, and the “no snitching” code is something they live and die by.

*Gang-affiliated cops had a Hamburger Helper-sized hand in the killing of Biggie Smalls from St. James Place.

*There were black officers present when Rodney got killed.

Zimmerman—you are a fucking poor man’s rent-a-cop with the aspirations of a diabolical Good Old Boy and you’ve succeeded! Your wife is a ride or die chick who is about as smart as a pencil. When I hear you whisper with her over the phone about the monies you want to hide, I think about how you probably got slapped around by black kids and white kids and brown kids when you were a kid because you were a buster, not because of the color of your skin. You are Universally a BUSTER with no game and no emotions and that’s why you could just go out there and kill a young black man like a roach in your kitchen.

I have a brand new son and my wife is already worried about how the police will treat him. Will they stop and frisk him just because of the color of his skin? Will they beat him in the street like Rodney King and turn my son into a ghost?

Hey Mayor Bloomberg—I know you’re cool with Jay Z but your Stop N Frisk campaign here in New York ain’t ‘hood. It’s anti-hood, and you’ve been successful at destroying ‘hoods and making way for the rich and their upscale dogs and health food platters and yoga in spaces we never would have imagined ten years ago.

Why don’t you stop and frisk our failing public schools?

Rodney King’s Ghost died when Trayvon got killed; his heart couldn’t take it any more. RIP the Ghost of Rodney King.

The Ghost of Rodney King

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