The Game “No More Fun and Games” Video

One of The Game's most slept-on tracks gets a video and tons of burn in Sleeping Dogs™.

“Gangsta gangsta. It’s not about a salary it’s all about reality.” The militant and conscious statements taken from the musical DNA of N.W.A. (“Gangsta Gangsta”) and KRS ONE of Boogie Down Productions (“My Philosophy”) paved the way for “No More Fun and Games,” the slept-on classic from Game’s debut The Documentary. Now Game’s nod to East and West Coast legends, is the soundtrack to the virtual Far East world of Sleeping Dogs™. The song features footage from the video game, directed by Ryan Wick and produced by Complex Media. According to Complex,

Sleeping Dogs™ is an open-world crime saga, set in the dangerous and fast-paced Hong Kong underworld, in which you play as Wei Shen, an undercover cop, tasked with the infiltration and dismantling of a Triad criminal empire. To further promote the game, Complex and GameStop created a custom motorcycle, inspired by Sleeping Dogs™, which the Game takes for a spin in the new video. He also gets into some serious gangster business, so you will definitely want to check this one out.”

Sleeping Dogs™ is out August 14th on Square Enix, and will be available Playstation 3, XBox 360, and PC.

Sleeping Dogs Video Game

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