Animated Movie Posters and the future of cinema advertisement

The Future of Cinema Advertising is GIFs


With all the great social advancements born out of the cyber age, GIFs have to be the most beneficial advancement in communication. Aside from being ridiculously funny, GIFs are a spot on visual example of our emotions. Don’t know how to tell someone you really hate them? GIF. Forgot this month’s rent was due today? GIF.  Confused as to why that hot girl you’ve been scheming on chose someone else instead of you? GIF.

Now, GIFs are heading to the next level, from lighthearted social commonplace to potential major advertisement tools. We think.

Imagine the next huge hollywood flick animated on a movie poster. Well, you don’t actually have to imagine. We’ll show you.

Check out these cool animations for popular movie posters, featuring Drive, Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight Rises, and more.

Movie Gif Batman Pulp Fiction Gif Movie Poster 007 Gif Movie Poster Drive Gif Movie PosterKill bill movie gif

Wanna see more animated movie GIF’s ? Check them out here.


Animated Movie Posters and the future of cinema advertisement

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