The-Dream “Black” Video

Watch the Radio Killer's politically-charged new music video.

A couple of months ago, The-Dream dropped a brand new track called “Black” accompanied by a powerful lyric video. The song itself deals with issues in black history, but the lyric video contained several allusions to a more general history of struggle, including the Occupy Movement. It finally ends with the message:

Black isn’t just a color. Black isn’t just a race anymore. It’s a feeling and a place from which one feels isolated by the world of the governing elite.

Now, The-Dream has dropped the official video with only the caption “Classism is the new racism,” to which one astute observer replied, “Racism is the New Racism – You full of Shit.” While we appreciate the sentiments of both these comments, the song speaks for itself. Watch the music video in the player above and make up your own mind about racism and classism. At least I think we can all agree with the lyric below:

Too young to sing Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?” / Since then ain’t been a lot going on.


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