Lottie Moss Photo for Teen Vogue's April Issue

Moss 2.0: The Dawn of the Lottie Moss Era

You can be my (younger) Kate Moss tonight.

Kate Moss has a younger sister and it’s no surprise that she will be following in the supermodel’s footsteps. It goes without saying that Kate Moss still reigns supreme. So when Teen Vogue announced that they would be featuring Charlotte (Lottie) Moss in their April issue for her first official modeling gig, we were immediately intrigued.

Photo of Lottie Moss from Teen Vogue's feature spread on the younger sister of Kate Moss.

Lottie’s resemblance to her older sister is apparent in the younger sister’s features. The eyes, the hair, the facial structure; it’s all there.  At the tender age of 16, it seems as though Lottie is prepared to take the modeling world by storm, literally. She is signed to Storm Modeling Agency, the same agency that discovered Kate and elevated her to star status.

Although their ages differ significantly, Kate is 39 while Lottie is only a merely 16, one can’t help but compare to other notable sisterhoods. Can we expect to see a competitive nature to their modeling careers in similar fashion to that of Venus and Serena Williams? Instead of battling for Open Championships, who’s gonna book that new Burberry campaign. Better yet, what major fashion house will be the first to enlist the Moss sisters for a joint campaign a la Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, surely that will set the scene ablaze.

However, the sisters closest to the age gap shared between the Moss sisters that come to mind is the Spears sisters. Hopefully history doesn’t repeat itself, resulting in the elder Britney having a mental breakdown at the center of the public eye, while the younger Jamie-Lynn turned up pregnant amidst the production of her Nickelodeon show “Zoey 101.” I’m just saying, though.

But all jokes aside, Lottie Moss is looking great in this spread, and not in that creeper pedophilia way either, ya damn animals. (Chris Hansen is following this post by the way.) Hopefully the juvenile will learn from big sister Kate’s pitfalls, the rockstar party lifestyle and everything that comes with being the number one model on the globe.

One thing is for certain, Lottie saw what Kate Moss was able to accomplish and took notice. “It kind of runs in the family, Kate was a massive part of why I started,” said the juvenile Moss in her interview with Teen Vogue. Lottie Moss will be carrying on the Moss torch and is surely on her way to a successful career in the business of fashion. Here’s to hoping she ends up on numerous Supreme tees.

The April Issue of Teen Vogue hits stands on March 25th.

Photos Courtesy of Teen Vogue

Photo of Lottie Moss from her feature in the April 2014 issue of Teen Vogue.

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Lottie Moss Photo for Teen Vogue's April Issue

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