The Crash Reel: Big Air Can Be Costly

We all love to push the limit when we hit the half pipe - that's what makes extreme sports remarkable. But don't think that it doesn't come with consequences.

If you know anything about action sports then you’re aware of the risk involved. Danger is a large part of the appeal. When a snowboarder drops in on a 22-foot half pipe you’re on the edge of your seat, but if he drops in on a eight-footer, it’s not nearly half as exciting. As boarders, skaters, skiers, etc. we live for that excitement. For better or worse, every time we strap up, we’re playing with fire.

Kevin Pearce is just like us. An Olympic hopeful, and the snowboarder believed to best superstar Shaun White, Pearce had a horrifying fall while training for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. “The Crash Reel” documents Kevin’s rise to fame, his beef with White, and his inspiring recovery, not only through the eyes of the athlete, but his family as well.

If you’ve ever dropped in on any half pipe, an eight or 22 footer, this is a must watch film. Big air is one part of extreme sports, but there’s another side of the coin as well.

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