The Brunner Twins Skate for Expedition

The 15-year-old Brunner Twins officially get on Expedition One and their welcome video makes our jaws drop!

Meet The Brunner twins, hands down the most stylish 15-year-olds this rat’s ever laid eyes on! I  mean it’s not like skateboarding whiz kids are anything new (see: Ryan Sheckler’s 15-year history with Etnies, or Guy Mariano in Video Days perhaps), but damn these little groms are stylish. In fact, I’ll go ahead and say that they’re skate style is probably better than a whole lot of older counterparts. Check out their official Expedition One welcome video which features the two lads stealing from vending machines, sawing off rail kinks, and getting into trouble at Chuck-E-Cheese’s. Oh, and they’re also ripping, pretty f-ing incredibly might I add. All hail these two half-pint demigods!

Candy Machine Kids Hats Money Cheat

Sawing Sanding Metal Rail Sunglasses Kid

Skateboarding Yellow Rail Kid

Skateboarding Crook Grind Rail

Skateboarding Boardslide Backside Ledge

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