The Brooklyn Flea Record Fair 2013


Calling all DJs, producers and vinyl enthusiasts. It’s that time of year again. That time when over 50 collectors, shops, and record labels gather in groove-loving hoards for the annual Brooklyn Flea Record Fair happening this Saturday, May 4th. But that’s not all folks. Along with ultra rare wax collections and food vendors, this year’s fair will actually feature a stage with quite the tasteful selection of spinners including DJ Rupture (Dutty Artz), James Friedman (Throne of Blood), James Pants (Stones Throw) and Veronica Vasicka (Minimal Wave) just to name a few. Each of which will also be at their respective label’s table helping sell records. Autographs anyone? (Note: Flying Lotus was on location last year signing everything from t-shirts to napkins)

First-time supporters will also be more than glad to know that this ain’t no industry jive event and some of the most notable local names in New York City-based record shops will be in attendance including staples like Turntable Lab, Kim’s Music & Video and CO-OP 87 Records.




The  festivities go down Saturday 11am-6pm right next to Smorgasburg at East River State Park (Kent Avenue and North 7th St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) and entry is completely FREE!


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