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The British Are Coming: 12 Rappers We Consider Next Hype To Emerge From The UK Grime Scene

The British Are Coming: 12 Rappers We Consider Next Hype To Emerge From The UK Grime Scene



We’ve all heard of The Beatles, Queen, Adele and Estelle, but what about British rappers? Why is it that save for perhaps Dizzy Rascal and Tinie Tempah, British hip hop has been left in the cold? We’ve decided to heat things up to help solve that problem.

Today we’re heading all the way across the pond to bring you the dogs bullocks of the British grime scene. Grime itself is a mongrel of a genre. A fusion of rap, dancehall and punk; its sound is as raw and unfiltered as the name suggests. Originating in East London, it’s all the rage amongst the British rave scene and is steadily becoming a staple in British pop culture.

Its raw rhythms and real lyrics are reminiscent of the golden era of American hip hop in the ’80s and ’90s. This realness was the reason many of us fell in love with hip hop in the first place, hence we have a feeling that it wont be long until grime makes its way to our shores. So, without further adieu and in no particular order, here are 12 Brits to keep a bloody eye on.

Tempa T

Real Name: Nicky Nyarko-Dei

Hailing from: East London

Background: Tempa T is a veteran in the British rap game, his 2009 song “Next Hype” is considered an anthem of  the British grime scene, and with good reason. His rap style is as gritty as it gets.



Amplify Dot

Real Name: Ashley Charles

Hailing from: South London

Background: Amplify Dot has been spitting since she was a young buck. She got her start when she made her way on stage with Missy Elliot. At just 13 years old she stole the show, and it’s been history ever since!


Wretch 32

Real name: Jermaine Sinclair

Hailing from: Tottenham, London

Background: The son of a local reggae DJ, the boy has music in his blood. His songs range from hardcore street style rapping to more subdued conscious hip hop. His eclectic style is what makes him a fan favorite, and a member of this list.



Real name: Chanelle Calica

Hailing from: Hackney, East London

Background: Shystie is a veteran rhymer in the UK and you might have already heard of her. She has some American exposure, having toured with 50 Cent in the past. Her songs are high energy and incorporate the island vibes of her West Indian heritage.




Real name: Joseph Adenuga

Hails from: Tottenham, North London

Background:  Skepta is probably one of the most famed rappers in Britain’s grime scene. Having been out since 2006, he’s one of the proverbial godfather’s of the genre. You may have heard his dance hit “Rolex Sweep” on the hit British show Misfits, now check out his street flow below.



Real name: Roxanne Conway

Hails from: Birmingham, England

Background: RoxXxan is a young dope MC out of Birmingham, England. She may look small but her husky voice is anything but. Her rhyme style as well as her uptempo beats are intense and in your face. She makes sure to let the listeners know she’s about her business. This young blood is bound to make herself known.


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The Bakery Boys

Hails from: South London

Background: Bakery Boys are a hip hop trio. The members include: Dirty Dre, Shack Baker and Ace Boogie. Known for fusing hip hop, grime, and urban pop, this group has a unique sound that differentiates them from their peers. Peep their video for “Light Work” for some awesome visuals and hard hitting lyrics.



Real name: Agassi Babatunde Odusina

Hails from: Putney, South West London

Background: This dude should be on your radar. He has a diverse skill set. He seamlessly melds west African rhythms with hip hop beats resulting in tracks that are danceable and fun. But he also offers tracks for his hardcore audience that are as grimy and street as the rest on the list.



Real name: Unkown; he’s just that grimy…

Hailing from: South East London

Background: M.I.K. (meaning Music is Knowledge) is well established in the UK grime community, and a member of the well known Family Tree squad. He’s one of the grimiest on our grime list. Check out his raw energy and word play in the video below.


Riko Dan

Real name: Zane Williams

Hailing from: East London

Background: Another grime veteran is Riko Dan.  He started honing in on his rap skills at the young age of 15. His sound is just pure street. He turns up, goes hard and keeps it grimy all day long.




Real name: Kareem Dennis

Hailing from: Central London

Background: Lowkey is to grime what Common was to hip hop in the ’90s. A conscious rapper that talks about politics, social responsibility and public awareness. Not usually grouped in with grime, Lowkey is on the list because he goes in and bar for bar can spit with the best of them.



Real name: Stefan Mensah

Hailing from: East London

Background: Ddark, is bursting onto the grime/hip hop scene in London. He brings a fresh sound and new energy to the genre. Plus, his rhyme skills are tight.



Bonus video:

Check out some of the illest women the UK has to offer in “Rock the Mic” featuring: Mikey J, Amplify Dot, Baby Blue, Lioness, RoxXxan, Mz Bratt and Lady Leshurr.


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