Breaking Bad News

The “Breaking Bad” News Everybody Wants To Hear

"Never say never," folks!

Last night on CNN, Breaking Bad lead actor Bryan Cranston, aka Walter White, took the chance to reveal the news that every Breaking Bad fan has wanted to hear.


When asked by host Ashley Banfield if the Walter White character had indeed died at the end of the show, Cranston replied: “I don’t know.” He then went on to say, “You never saw bags zip up or anything,” and that we should “Never say never” to the return of the character.

Should Walter White return? Tell us what you think in the comments section and watch the video above.

Breaking Bad News

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  • Boss-Class Drae

    Yes, Walter White should definitely return with an extreme vengeance!

  • Jeffrey Coven

    yeah he should return one of the best shows ever

  • Adam Lehrer

    NO NO NO NO NO. I’ve never seen a final season done so masterfully and possibly never will. To bring back the character and the show would cheapen the story and I don’t see any motivations beyond financial gain to bring him back. Breaking Bad was a perfectly paced, lean five season full speed ahead masterpiece, and HELLO, Cranston is fucking with people. Vince Gilligan’s vision is that Walt died. When something is over it’s over, MOVE ON. Not like there aren’t any more great shows out there, in fact there’s A TON of amazing programs still going on. We still have the back half of Mad Men to look forward to, Not to mention TRUE DETECTIVE, HANNIBAL, THE AMERICANS, ORPHAN BLACK, GAME OF THRONES, BROAD CITY, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, FARGO, LOUIE, THE GOOD WIFE and I am very excited to see what the Leftovers will be about. Pick a new show people and leave a finished masterpiece alone.