The Beach BoyZ

Watch a few West Coast rippers channel The Beach Boys and surf vibes for their latest skate edit.

Nah, don’t try to adjust your web browser. And no, we didn’t get the photo proportions wrong. Truth is, west coast rippers Raymond Molinar, Gilbert Crockett, Danny Montoya, Austyn Gillette, and a few others just wanted to keep it real lo-fi and full of surf vibes for their latest skate video. The fellas channelled (and edited with) the music of The Beach Boys to set the tone, then they used their iPhones and some clever vintage filters to go back in visual time and kick a few skate lines for your mind. While summer may be heading out the window for a lot of us on the East, the Left Coast reminds us of their perpetual great weather and riding.

Girls Beach Bathing Suit Shades

Hat Beach Smile Man The Beach BoyZ

FIsh Eye Ride Board California Surf

Skateboarding California West Coast Fisheye The Beach BoyZ

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