Gary Carter and the New York Mets 1986 World Series Champions

The ’86 Mets: Raising Hell

After a season of debauchery, demons and distractions, the 1986 New York Mets rode-out the storm to win the World Series of baseball. Mass Appeal takes a closer look at this shining diamond in the rough.

Yeah, right. The beginning of the end. Gooden missed the following day’s tickertape parade, the first overt sign of the cocaine habit that would cause him to miss a good portion of the ’87 season (and derail his entire career). Knight, a free-agent-to-be who was named MVP of the World Series, wasn’t re-signed, and he joined the Orioles. And Mitchell, the versatile young slugger, was traded to the Padres before the start of the ’87 season. The Mets would-be dynasty was already over. They wouldn’t win another World Series, and none of the ’86 team would retire as Mets. To this day, none of their numbers have been retired. And baseball would never mean the same thing to me, either.

August 19th, 2006. A rainy day at Shea, and the first day since October 27th, 1986, that the World Champion Mets would be celebrated. Despite the lousy weather, the stands are full, the reception warm. Time has given new perspective, and after the near-misses in ’88 and ’00, the ’86 team has become bigger than they ever were. One after one, the players are introduced—older, fatter and greyer, but the same at heart. Mookie Wilson, who spent the most time in a Mets uniform before ’86, is greeted by lusty “Mooooooo”s, and the cheering increases as the final players are introduced. Carter. Hernandez. And finally Strawberry, who emerges from the stands to the chants of “Daaaaa-ryl!” He hugs Hernandez, acknowledges the crowd with tears in his eyes. Knight isn’t there. Neither is Johnson, who’s off managing some team or another. And no Gooden either. He’s in jail.

Mets announcer Gary Cohen sums it up. “This was a team that not only won, they won in dominating fashion, they won in your face, they made a lot of enemies in the National League.” “A team, a time and a town have never been more perfectly matched.”

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Gary Carter and the New York Mets 1986 World Series Champions

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