The 4th Annual Bushwick Block Party

The 4th Annual Bushwick Block Party kicks off this Saturday with live performances, activities, food and more. Oh and it's FREE.


It’s safe to say we don’t get many sure things in life. If you live in New York, there are a few things you can always count on: free shows, Roberta’s Pizza and Action Bronson. If there was an award for most NYC shows played in the last five years, Ill Prosciutto would win hands down. Now that I think about it, you could combine these three to make a seriously delicious pie too.

This Saturday the 4th Annual Bushwick Block Party is bringing all of these guarantees together for a FREE all day party featuring live performances by Action Bronson, Pictureplane, Jamaican Queens, World’s Fair, MC Todd, Death Threat, Galleon, FULL SERVICE, The Moon Dudes, Big UPS, Joe Bickle and more. Plus your favorite Sunday Funday DJs from Tiki Disco will be on deck all day ensuring the vibes are on lock.

When it comes to keeping your ADD in check, Saturday will include pizza by Roberta’s, a food truck by Action Bronson, Momo Sushi Shack, Crif Dogs, free Vita Coco, Vans and Second Nature skate demos, a Bikini Keg-Stand Contest, a raffle with killer prizes and so much more.

The fun takes place this Saturday from Noon ’til 11PM on Moore Street between Bogart & White, two blocks off the L train (Morgan Ave).

The Bushwick Blockparty is sponsored by VICE, Ray-Ban, Vans
Modelo, Tito’s Vodka, Union Beer, Vita Coco, Won Ton Foods, Suja Juice, Sisterjam, Mishka, free money, cheap white wine, 40’s in paper bags, girls cutting the line, Twitter, shitty cell reception, Instagram, #hashtags, cash only joints, and ginger rappers everywhere.

There’s no need to RSVP but a Facebook invite is here for you boo.


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    sounds. looks. and will be. dope.