Missed SXSW? There’s still a chance to eat Texas BBQ!

Get a heavy dose of brisket and brew from Texas Monthly.

If you haven’t had enough Texas BBQ via SXSW, or were too fucked up to even think about food, there will be a BBQ pop-up March 27th in New York. The pop-up shop will be hosted by Texas Monthly and will take place in Brooklyn. Not only will you be grubbing on some awesome food, but you will also be able to do a Q&A with some of the awesome BBQ chefs.

Texas Monthly BBQ Pop-Up Brooklyn

Mass Appeal linked up with writers Daniel Vaughn and LeighAnn Bakunas from Texas Monthly to figure out exactly how everything is going down. “With places like Hill Country, Delaney Barbecue, Mighty Quinn’s and Hometown BBQ, we know that Texas-style barbecue is a well respected food genre in New York,” Bakunas told us.

Last year, Texas Monthly took this information and used it to their advantage. They conducted a very successful pop-up with Franklin BBQ. “That’s one reason our pop-up last year at Hill Country’s Manhattan location worked so well,” Vaughn said. “We wanted to bring a taste of our favorite food directly from Texas so New Yorkers could get to know the tangy East Texas pork ribs of Stanley’s, the smoky brisket of Pecan Lodge, and the magical beef spare ribs from Wayne Mueller. Even if you were in Texas it would take a 500 mile round trip to hit them all.”

Tickets for the event can be purchased here. They are $125, but don’t fret! “Ticket prices include all you can eat BBQ and Texas Beer (while it lasts), and guests will certainly get their fill,” LeighAnn tells us. Get there right at 6:30 pm and you’ll be able to get sufficiently drunk AND eat all the good stuff before it runs out. “Guests will get the opportunity to eat some of the best BBQ in Texas, as well as meet the Pitmasters and hear their stories.”

If you were one of the thousands of people who partied a little too hard when you were in Texas this month, God is basically giving you another chance. Take it.

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