Giant Tetris Game on Building

Tetris Like You’ve Never Played It Before

We used to fight for buidling blocks, now we fight for blocks in buildings.

The world’s biggest Tetris game took place Saturday night in Philadelphia. Brought to life by Frank Lee, an associate professor of digital media at Drexel University, the project is a “personal love letter” to the games he enjoyed when he was younger. The hundreds of LED lights embedded into the Cira Centre’s glass facade usually display colorful patterns, but on Saturday night these lights were repurposed to display super sized Tetris blocks. These massive shapes played out games of Tetris on two sides of the building, and competitors used joysticks to maneuver the shapes into place.

No stranger to making classic games larger than life, Lee was responsible for last year’s Pong installation at the Cira Centre, which holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest architectural video game display.The installation kicks off a citywide series of events called Philly Tech Week, and celebrates the upcoming 30th anniversary of the game designed by Alexey Pajitnov in 1984.

Which skyscrapers would you like to see repurposed in the name of gaming nostalgia? Super sized Pac-Man? The possibilities are endless.

Giant Tetris Game on Building

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