“Terminator 2” Chase Scene Remade in GTA V

GTA V: Judgment Day

Remember that scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day where John Connor is barreling through Los Angeles’ flood control channels trying to escape Alex Mack the T-1000? Well, if you don’t you’re in luck.

A group of gamers remade the scene in GTA V, shot for shot. With a keen eye for detail, the video (credited to John Chapman of YouTube) takes viewers through the chaotic, gripping, and life-threatening chase. Implementing various shots and camera angles to make the remake as legit and identical to the original scene as possible, Chapman and crew really held it down, providing a solid and entertaining three minutes of nostalgia. As an added bonus, they even throw in a blooper reel at the end, just in case folks out there thought this was a fluke or some sort of trivial pursuit.

Hit the video player up top to check out the GTA V version of the Terminator 2 chase scene, and make sure to hit up Chapman’s YouTube channel to peep more funny videos that take place in the GTA V realm.

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