TeamLightSkin vs TeamDarkSkin

#TeamDarkSkin vs #TeamLightSkin – And the Winner Is…

On Tuesday we asked you to chose between #TeamDarkSkin and #TeamLightSkin. You made the right decision.

So here we are – the follow up.

First I’d like to say something to everyone that took to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram expressing their extreme outrage at the ignorance of the post – thank you. I happen to be the Social Media Manager for Mass Appeal, and I read all of your responses. You’ve proven my, your, OUR point: these hashtags are ridiculous and we should not be using them.

Actually, I can’t thank everyone. Some people need to get exposed for the ignorant and insensitive comments they posted in response to our article. However, I’m not going to give those people what they want – free publicity. Instead I’ll address a couple of them anonymously and hope that they take the time to read this.

For the gentleman on Instagram who said, “I don’t respect what you guys are fueling…,” I was hoping you were preparing to offer a thoughtful response, instead you decided to go with, “Matter fact Fuck @massppeal” and then “Its shit that got my ppl Trippin in tha hood, but just bcause you don’t live there it’s ok to promote this fuck shit… And bitch you sucking dick,” which you directed towards another user who shared a clear and concise response about the article’s intention.

For the artist on Twitter who said, “WOW IM NAUSEOUS” and then, “I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH BLACK PPL WHO MAKE A MOCKERY OUT OF OUR CULTURE TO APPEASE THE WHITE AUDIENCE.” As I stated earlier, I’m half-black and half-white, furthermore the article was not intended to “APPEASE” anyone. In fact, I intended for the exact opposite reaction – for our entire audience. You went on to say, “I COULD’VE EASILY EXPLOITED MYSELF AS A TWERKIN BLACK GIRL WITH A WEAVE & AN UNWARRANTED ATTITUDE BUT THAT WOULDN’T BE FAIR TO MY SISTERS.” I think that’s a great approach and more artists should follow your lead. We’ve supported your music in the past and will do so in the future despite your comments. I’d just like to point out that you have a music video called “Cream Team,” in which you are pouring cream on your breasts and drying them off with $100 bills. Also, your name is J********Y.

Okay, now back to the issue.


I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find some of the #TeamDarkSkin or #TeamLightSkin memes funny. In fact, they make it easier to laugh at the stupidity of intraracial discrimination. However, at some point we need to stop laughing off the problem and actually address it. A few of my friends, and even a fellow Mass Appeal writer, believe that our website is not the place to have this conversation. I beg to differ. Conversations about race take place online everyday, the hashtags are proof of that. How can Mass Appeal celebrate creative instigation and at the same time turn a blind eye to the factors that prevent it? We know what we’re doing people, so don’t worry. We got this.

Yes, I’m responsible for trolling people into an engaging discussion about intraracial discrimination on social media, and please believe this is only the tip of the iceberg. The team and I will use the website as a medium for our readers to stay informed and inform others. And when that doesn’t suffice, we will get you so worked up you’ll jump out of your chair and scream, “WTF IS THIS FOR REAL?

This past Tuesday we asked you to choose between #TeamDarkSkin or #TeamLightSkin, and you made the right choice – you chose neither. I’d like to thank you for making that choice, encourage you to make it every time you’re asked, and encourage others to do the same.

And by the way, if that #TeamDarkSkin vs #TeamLightSkin battle really did go down, #TeamLightSkin WOULD DEFINITELY WIN! MUAHAHAhahahaha (*disappears into a cloud of troll smoke*)

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TeamLightSkin vs TeamDarkSkin

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