#TeamDarkSkin vs #TeamLIghtSkin

#TeamDarkSkin VS #TeamLightSkin – 2013

In 2013 #TeamDarkSkin & #TeamLightSkin battled it out for claim to the throne, and bragging rights about the best melanin. We provide the facts and let you decide who really won.

As we look back at 2013, let us not forgot to pay tribute to our triumphs, tribulations and of course – melanin levels. Yes folks, we’re talking about the color of your skin. 2013 was just as important as any other year in recognizing that the skin color is important, and often newsworthy, just ask Santa Claus (or Megyn Kelly).

For black Americans, aka the New Slaves, there’s no need to be reminded of the part pigment plays in our daily lives, unless it’s from JJ Doom. Hell, we’ve even developed hashtags for that shit – #TeamDarkSkin and #TeamLightSkin. It’s a new level of ignorance and black-on-black hue hating. It’s like back in the days when our ancestors fought over who was light enough to go in the house and who had to stay in the fields and pick cotton. If only our genetically identical predecessors could see us now.  Would they pat us on the back, or pull a switch off the nearest willow tree and beat our ass with it?

But hey, if we’re really going to be ignorant enough to use hashtags for hues (not quite humanity), then let’s embrace it fully, and more importantly, let’s be democratic about it. See, the problem with the #TeamDarkSkin vs #TeamLightSkin battle is that no one is actually keeping score. Hell, there aren’t even team captains, which is essential for establishing the players and winner.

So we’re here to help with a recap of the battlefield during 2013. We’ve got the team captains, they’ll pick the players and explain why their team had a better year. Play ball.


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#TeamDarkSkin vs #TeamLIghtSkin

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  • Concerned

    This is incredibly stupid and offensive. the first real low i’ve seen from mass appeal…truly dissapointing

  • pyramosteu

    Did your slave master tell you to endorse this shit Nas?

  • #TeamDarkSkin2014 it’s all in good fun. there’s nothing offensive about it. if you take being lite skin or dark skin that serious you need to go to the kitchen, grab the sharpest knife in the drawer and cut the bullshit out

  • seanithanegan

    So what I get from this is “this entire skin color hashtag thing is offensive and stupid, but here’s an article about it so that we can get pageviews” — c’mon now. C’mon. Lets get some real content going.

  • redneckkilla

    Hows that trailer park doing?

  • pyramosteu

    are u tryna be funny and call me white trash?

  • longestnameonworldstar

    this is real content, just because it doesn’t apply to you directly doesn’t mean it isn’t real

  • Chrissy

    colorism . really? bc there was nothing in forming about this artical

  • Andrew Joseph Tanner

    OMG Commenters…Learn to take a joke, or more specifically satire…oh and did we all also miss that they deliberately showed that black people of all stripes are doing big things…and how many of you probably contribute less to the conversation every day than you allege this article does? Questions smh.