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#TBT: Frank Horvat’s 1980s NYC

#TBT: Frank Horvat’s 1980s NYC


We all love some ’80s nostalgia, from fashion to music to the hairdos of the time.

It’s a period that brought us both crack-cocaine and the ascension of the spoken word juxtaposed with a booming beat. It was the apex of dereliction in the city; Ed Koch reigned with an iron fist and Rudolph Giuliani was only a few terms away, ready to lead the charge in pacifying the city. It was a time of excess and pageantry, gold rope and fur coats– you could probably equate it to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire… maybe. The photography of Frank Horvat captures the whirl of culture, iconoclasm, commerce, industry, and glamour that is NYC. Come along for the ride on this #TBT.

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“Dwarf” c.1983 – In this joint, we get to see that New Yorkers span the gamut, coming in all shapes and sizes. Taxis were yellow and not the hybrid pea-green jammie jams we have today.


“Women In A Cafeteria” c.1984 – Long before the days of social media, people were actually social. Instead of taking pictures of food they’d eat it, talk, and talk some more. Riveting stuff.


“Two Ladies Central Park” c.1984

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