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Tanya Morgan Announce New Album, “Rubber Souls”

Tanya Morgan Announce New Album, “Rubber Souls”


Rap duo Tanya Morgan announced yesterday that their third studio album, titled Rubber Souls, will be available next month, on Sept. 24. The album marks a few firsts for the group, who recorded the entire project together, as opposed to individually, as they have in the past. The album is also entirely produced by 6th Sense and features a group trimmed down to two members rathe than the three that carried 2009’s Brooklynati.

Of the upcoming album, remaining members Von Pea and Donwill each shared thoughts on the group’s progression. “This album shows us stepping out of our comfort zone to great results,” explains Von Pea. “It brought out a new type of chemistry in our music.” “The result [is] an album that will satisfy long time fans and shock non-believers,” adds Donwill.

Furthermore, the boys of Tanya Morgan are headlining this month’s “5 Dollar Friday” showcase (Aug. 23) in Brooklyn at the Knitting Factory. You’re likely to hear some joints off the Souls, including “For Real,” the album’s lead single. The event showcases a variety of up-and-coming talent in the music scene (and doesn’t hurt your wallet).


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