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Tank Refuses to Perform National Anthem for The Clippers

Tank Refuses to Perform National Anthem for The Clippers

After Donald Sterling’s alleged racist remarks, the R&B singer is taking a stand.

While the Los Angeles Clippers are still figuring out the best way to proceed following Donald Sterling’s “alleged” racist remarks, Tank is taking matters into his own hands.

The R&B singer was scheduled to perform the national anthem at the Staples Center this Tuesday – as the Clippers take on the Golden State Warrior for Game 5 of their playoff series – but has since cancelled. In a statement to USA TODAY Sports, Tank explained the reasoning for his decision:

“As an African-American man and artist, I must take a stand on this matter that is so deeply personal to me. In light of the recent disturbing and offensive allegations, I cannot move forward with my scheduled appearance at Tuesday’s Los Angeles Clippers Game. This is a very serious issue, and my decision was not made lightly. Although I appreciate the opportunity to sing the national anthem at the game, I cannot associate my brand with an owner or event where African-Americans and other minorities are not welcome. I have confidence the NBA will take action and resolve the situation, and at which time I look forward to watching a sport and a team I so deeply love.”

While Tank’s decision may not bear the same financial repercussions Clippers players are facing should they choose not to show up on Tuesday, it’s a strong statement and sets precedent for his peers debating on where their allegiance lies with the team.