Tampa “Bro”: A Recap of NYC’s Live Streaming of Tampa Pro 2014

A recap of the real winners.

Photos by Mosaic NY

Alright skate amigos and amiguettes, the Tampa Pro 2014 results are in and the winners were…pretty much everybody in attendance for this past Sunday’s live stream at Arlene’s Grocery!

Okay, we’re kidding. But you kind of have to admit that no one (besides the skaters at Tampa themselves) was raging quite like the guests that came out for Mass Appeal and Skate Chronicles’ sponsored afternoon.

The drinks were flowing and the footwide pizza pies from Farinella Italian Bakery were floating (no hands, we swear). All while the Tampa Pro’s final day of heated competition played wirelessly through the venue’s big screen.

A big shout out to all of the guests and NY skate mayor Alex Corporan’s special invites that came out to watch the pros shred and enjoy raffled goodies from ShutAfter MidnightEl SeñorRats OnlyInfamous NY.

And of course, an even bigger congratulations to the Skatepark of Tampa (celebrating 20 years of competition) and this year’s official winners: Nyjah Huston, Zoo York’s Chaz Ortiz, and Alec Majerus.

Scroll down to check out the photos of what went on!

People at Arlene's Grocery Bar

Early crowd

Polo with Farinella Pizza box

Special delivery from Polo “The Pizza Don”

Guys at Arlene's Grocery

In it to win it “Tampa top 3” tickets

Man serving drinks Jager shots at bar

Zoojerz behind the bar

People watching skateboarding on big screen at bar

Front row seats

Guys drink beer and eating pizza at bar.

Pizza and Tampa “brews” with Corn, Randy (Infamous NY), and Los

People laughing and watching tv at bar

Big screen action

Guys watching iPhone stream at bar

Little screen action

People at bar with art on the walls

Guests alongside venue art by Mr. TwoThree

Shirts, griptape, skatewheels, hats and beanies

Sponsor giveaway goodies

Guys at bar hanging out

Alex’s bag of tricks

Guys at bar with hat and glasses and purple hoodie

Hired goons

Photographer posing with camera at bar

Shot for shot with Skate Chronicles

Guys sitting with beanie and bucket had and Supreme hoodie


Man with open pizza box

Catch us next time

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