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Is This the Most Expensive T-Shirt in the World?

Rachel Murphy
Hermès does not cater to the average consumer, we know this. Proponents of the “fashion is art” philosophy, the French fashion house has never had any qualms about slapping an absurd price tag on their designers duds. A toothpick with the luxury brand’s regal insignia would probably retail for about $50, while their best-selling Birkin handbag […]

Violette’s “Fun Bags” Boobs T-Shirt (NSFW)

Rachel Murphy
Breasts are having a moment right now, as the fashion folks would say. But, good old-fashioned cleavage has been sidelined in favor of more esoteric chest trends. At first there was the side-boob, which every girl worth her Daisy Dukes came out rocking a few Coachellas ago. Some guys also jumped on this bandwagon, slitting […]

Nepenthes X OVO “No New Friends” T-Shirt

Mass Appeal
They say it’s lonely at the top in whatever you do. Drake and his October’s Very Own clique know this very well and are fine with having a tight circle, hence the sentiment behind their new “No New Friends” shirt and general t-shirt collab with clothing brand Nepenthes. Their web store is finally open for […]