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Bump That! Amber London “Low MF Key”

Sacha Jenkins SHR
Listen, there are seemingly more females in the rap game than ever. Some of them are very attractive, and they rap about how other females are ugly. And of course there are plenty of ladies on the mic with something to say, who can roast any emcee of any gender–be it male, female or “crossover” […]

AUDIO: Danny Brown “Express Yourself”

Baffuor Gyamfi
Our favorite D-Town chief rocker, Danny Brown encourages women to bring out their inner rachetness with his new song “Express Yourself.” Crafted by up and coming producer Trampy, the xylophone laden, bass heavy track meshes well with the Danny’s high-pitched timbre. This party track is the perfect catalyst to make any conservative girl-next-door go home […]

VIDEO: Quelle Chris “RatShit” Feat. DJ GrowEyez

Are you a promiscuous mom on public assistance? Are you really bad at money management though you manage to look good when you hit the club? Do you head to NBA All-Star Weekend in search of true love and/or a sponsor every year? Then Quelle Chris’s new jawn “RatShit” is for you. Humpty Hump would […]