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When Drunk Texting Goes Wrong–Hipster Rogers’ “My Bad” Video

Texting your significant other while under the influence is usually a bad idea and we’re all guilty of committing this communication faux pas at least once in our lives. Hipster Rogers, our favorite animated slacker is prone to drunk text. In his latest animated clip for “My Bad” he takes the drunken late night apology text conversation to […]

VIDEO: Hipster Rogers “Talkin’ Shit” (Lyric Video)

Mass Appeal
Earlier this week we introduced you to Hipster Rogers, an animated slacker and troublemaker who frequents the streets of Williamsburg and Bushwick.  The rapping embodiment of urban cool guy culture, the Hipster Rogers character is the brainchild of multimedia artist Hectah, who illustrates and animates the videos as well writes and performs the songs. “Talkin’ […]

Hipster Rogers Goes From “WBRG2BSHWK” in Animated Video

Mass Appeal
What if the term “hipster” wasn’t a pejorative used to describe the denizens of “cool” urban enclaves like Williamsburg Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Lower East Side. What if those who bear the cross of being too cool for school, ironic, or artisan actually reappropriated “hipster” and made it a term of endearment? This is the world […]