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Buckwild “Dropping Science” on Music Past and Present

Journey Ade
For “Dropping Science,” French documentary duo Nicolas Venancio and Mathieu Rochet of Gasface, chop it up with DJ/producer Buckwild, and hear his thoughts on how the new generation of music makers is “like 1994 all over again.” Buck covers topics from rummaging through Lord Finesses’s “junk pile” of records, to some of his favorite sample […]

Gasface Presents Think B.I.G. Feat. The Alchemist

Mass Appeal
If you’re an avid fan of the Alchemist you may have known that the producer who helped shape the grimy sound of New York City hardcore hip-hop with his work for Mobb Deep, Cam’Ron, D-Block and Nas, comes from Beverly Hills–not the gritty ghettos of NYC. He even went to high school with Angelina Jolie […]