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Sharm Murugiah’s Tarantino Screenplay Prints

Rachel Murphy
Sharm Murugiah combines art with film iconography in his latest body of work. Using digital dry ink on 100% cotton rag paper, the UK-based graphic designer realizes Tarantino screen plays as Penguin Book Cover prints. The collection features nine paintings in total – “Reservoir Dogs,” “True Romance,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Jackie Brown,” “Kill Bill : Vol.1 & 2, “Death […]

VIDEO: Pharrell’s ARTST TLK Ep. 2: Kaws and David Salle

On the heels of Kaws’s historic Companion balloon Pharrell sits down with the graff writer turned fine artist/clothing designer/toy maker and David Salle, the renowned painter who helped define the postmodern sensibility through his signature use of juxtaposition. The trio discuss style as identity, selling their first works and the importance of community among artists. […]