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Zoo Portraits

We’ve all heard of the quintessential fashion show term “cat walk.” But what happens when someone decides to let the whole animal kingdom strut? You’d probably get this stuff—Barcelona graphic designer, Yago Partal, and his unique Zoo Portraits series. Bordering the fine line between Photoshop mastery and the kind of things only serious stoners would contemplate, Señor Partal […]

Jon Contino Flips

You wanna know what’s more “New Yawk” than New York? Big Apple-bred illustrator, Jon Contino, that’s what! Aside from holding down the Guinness World Record for what’s probably the most authentic city accent, the artist recently collaborated on a board series with skateboard company, Flip. The result is a rough-around-the-edges, minimalist ode to things like Coney Island, […]