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Damien Hirst and the Bursting Art Bubble

In mid December controversial and super-rich British artist Damien Hirst parted company with art dealer and gallerist Larry Gagosian. The split was the end of a lucrative 17-year relationship with Gagosian Gallery that had famously put 331 of Hirst’s “spot” paintings on display in all 11 Gagosian spaces worldwide. For Esquire magazine’s Stephen Marche the […]

Art World Action Figures by Mike Leavitt

Mass Appeal
What if artists actually looked like their art? Imagine Jackson Pollock covered in paint drippings. What if Picasso was blue and rose and cube-shaped all over?  That’s the idea behind artist Mike Leavitt’s “Art Army” action figures. Each figure is a sculpted in polymer clay. No simple plastic toy, each figure takes hours to sculpt. […]